SqueezeTube Help
SqueezeTube Drag N' Drop your files, adding them to the encoding queue Just drop your video files on to the application drop area and that’s it! Will even accept Elgato EyeTV recordings + mkv, m4v, mpg,mov,  & avi's.
File Naming Convention For best results during the automatic lookup of metadata you should name you video files in a certain way. Movies: Movie title and year e.g. Avatar 2010. TV Shows: Show name season and episode e.g. Mad Men S01E01. Metadata Lookup If you're not happy with the metadata you can always specify an alternate movie title or tv show name and refresh the metadata. SqueezeTube will use themoviedb.org for movies and thetvdb.com for tv shows.
Preferences One directory needs to be setup before you can start batch encoding… Click on the .m4v Destination button and choose where you would like SqueezeTube to place the final video. Movies will be placed in a "Movies" sub directory TV Shows vil be placed in -> "TV Shows" > "Show name" > "Season" e.g. TV Shows/Fringe/Season 3/The Day We Died.S03E22.m4v Options can set for automatic import to iTunes and removal from queue when encoding is done.
Preferences (cont) Hot Folder: Choose a folder where you would like SqueezeTube to listen for incoming video files adding them to the encoding queue. Default Encoding Preset: Choose optimal encoding settings for your device. Import to iTunes When encoding is done and you're happy with the metada, click on Import to iTunes. SqueezeTube will copy the file to the destination directory and import to iTunes.